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Skyler Mckay lets you peak down her blouse

Video from: Downblouse Jerk

Your college tutor Skyler Mckay has requested you to stay after class because you were not paying attention and she needs to punish you. When every other student has left the classroom except for the two of you she instructs you to sit and pay attention to what is she going to tell you to do. You think how boring this is going to be and that it is lame that this is even happening. But she apparently has a completely different idea of punishment than you would think of. She tells you that this is not the first time you have been a bad boy during her class and that she needs to make you pay attention to her.

You are going to learn that by removing your pants, taking your prick in your hands and looking at her flash her boobs to you while you masturbate. At first, you don’t believe her but when she grabs her right boob in her hand and starts to play with her pointy nipple you drop your pants in no time and your dick is already very hard and ready to be played with. Suddenly you decide that you like to get punished by her.

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