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3 ways to embarrass the buck on his last night of freedom

Perth buck’s parties are special and always full of fun. Whether it is in a strip club, in the yard or even into the wild, the buck should feel special but most importantly he has to be WASTED. I mean how is he going to enjoy his last night of freedom if he didn’t drink to death? And you should take this opportunity to embarrass him and of course film it in order to make a funny memory for the entire crowd.

The sexy hitch hiker prank

When you arrive to your destination, a private driver will pick you up in a minibus and on the road; the driver finds a sexy (incredibly sexy) hitch hiker and picks it up with the crowd. After a while, the driver puts some music and the girl starts dropping her clothes and makes a stripping performance mainly focusing on the buck.

While the groom is surprised, but definitely excited, getting the best lap dance of his life, you just have to film it and look at his embarrassed face!

The naked dessert prank

If you are looking for a next level pranking, then this option is the best. Well, it consists of a normal dinner in a fancy place; everybody is enjoying their dinner and beer. After the main menu, the waiter will announce the dessert, then a smoking hot stripper gets in and starts its stripping show with the buck as her center of concentration, she can also perform a lap dance while everybody is filming it. After that, the stripper lies on the table and the waiter puts cream and exotic fruits on her body. The buck has to lick it all from her naked body. He will definitely like it but that’s the most embarrassing thing that can happen to him before the wedding.

You must look for a very professional stripper that will make it taste as the sweetest dessert in the groom’s life. A big butt is also included in the dessert!

The naked buck prank

You don’t want any stripping or high end services in the buck’s party? Don’t worry, there is a trick that can totally embarrass the groom but also drive him very mad.

After you go to a pub and drink to death, make sure that the groom is not aware of what’s going on and undress him from all of his clothes, even UNDERWEAR! After that, let him go home but also keep an eye on him because it may cause some problems.

This prank is approved to be the craziest way to embarrass the buck on his buck’s party. Just go for it and you will witness the funniest moments of your life.

Don’t forget to film it, that video would be a precious piece of art that may be played at a family dinner if you want to prank him further on.

These 3 pranks are advised to be performed only if the buck is cool with extreme pranking, even if he’s not, just go for it and make it the best night in his life. You can always get something special for the crowd; maybe a group of strippers will take care of everybody as well as the buck.

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