Sofi Ryan nude in the shower

It is girls such as Arizona girl Sofi Ryan that make life interesting and fun. She is a gorgeous brunette with amazing tits. She is naughty and does not give a fuck about it. She loves to tease and she does it in public. I noticed that she was wearing a see-through vest and I could make out her big boobs. I got an instant boner as I watched her walk towards me. I had to stop her and say hi. She smiled knowingly like someone who gets that sort of reaction all the time. I had to come up with my A game so I chatted her up a bit and managed to get her to go to the beach with me.

We had an amazing time and she posed for several photos with me. She showed off her lovely and curvy behind. We went back to her house where I was able to see her naked as she took a shower. She played with her tits pretending not to see me standing there with my camera. She then faced me and used her hand to block her nipples and her towel to cover her pussy before she got in the shower and took a long and sensuous bath.

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