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The voluptuous Chloe is a teacher that simply loves taking sexual advantage of her sexy pupils. Today she called for one of her students that has to pass a certain kind of test. Namely, she’s going to use an hourglass as a timer and the student has to wank it fast enough to come before the timer stops. Chloe is a wonderful British girl with such an extraordinary body. Today she’s wearing some really hot stockings that make her leg into the sexiest things. The naughty student didn’t hesitate and pulled his dick out right away! She cheered and encouraged him to stroke it faster and loved the way he was doing it! The stunning chick imitated the moves and showed him how to do it. Watching a student jerk off in her classroom always made her extremely horny and today is no exception. She slowly took her bra off and enjoyed squeezing her small but beautiful tits. It was time for her to get some action.

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She started taking her dress off and left only her panties on. She started rubbing her cunt through those panties and produced the most seducing sounds, sweet as the honey. He eyes had something inviting and dirty inside them that the student hardly managed not to jump on his feet and fuck her right there on the table. This skinny girl wore high heels and he loved how dominant and confident she was. He was approaching orgasm very fast as she was teasing him each second with some new thing to say. Blonde started moaning in such a way that the boy simply couldn’t take it any longer. He started wanking it super-fast and saw how much she enjoyed watching him shoot that cum all over her desk! These students are sure happy to have Chloe as a teacher!

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